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Constitutional Pluralism in the European Union and Beyond

Friday 20 March 2009 - Saturday 21 March 2009

bullet Venue: St Anne's College

Constitutional pluralism has become immensely popular among scholars who deal with European integration and global governance. Fortunately, important challenges against this approach have been raised as well, questioning its compatibility with the very nature of law and the values which law brings to constitutionalism. The purpose of this conference is to enhance dialogue between these scholars and to test viability of the idea of constitutional pluralism in practice. Inviting the most prominent scholars in the field - indeed, some of them could be called "the founding fathers of constitutional pluralism" - together with a younger generation promises to create a dynamic and mutually engaging environment which will ideally transform into a collabroative community. In order to promote the dialogic nature of the event, most of the papers will be made available in advance so that participants can familiarise themselves with their content.

For more information on this event, please contact: Jenny Dix

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